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                    is a platform created to allow authors the opportunity to peel back the rules. To experiment, take risks, sharpen style, or augment a voice. Shorts can contain a slice of life, an inward look, a distant memory, or an entire lifetime all in a matter of pages. With quick hitting writing, shorts can be taken in one sitting, yet utilize the power of prose to move, inspire, challenge, or perhaps suggest new ideas on how to live. Summer House Shorts are one of the many ways we package the art of story.

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“The novel wins by points, the short story wins by knockout.”

 - Julian Cortazar



by Ben Manhan


Joining the

Choir Invisible

by JD Slajchert

Peter Mitchell, a grieving writer, stands on the edge of a bridge in Seattle and reaches his breaking point. Pleading for a sign from God, his desperation is answered with a mind-altering opportunity that is guaranteed to turn his life around.

With his first step into literary storytelling, Ben applies his comedic sensibilities to his love for sci-fi to deliver a riveting and complex story about how the weight of guilt and success complicates grief.

Near the bottom of the bottle, two strangers caught behind the wind of a snowstorm in Smithers, British Columbia quarrel over living with the dead. 

In his first experiment with the art of short story, JD Slajchert drops a potent mixture of cutting dialogue and bone chilling cold. A bittersweet slice of life that leaves you at the edge.

JD Slajchert - About the Author
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JD Slajchert

About the Author

Ben Manhan

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Ben Manhan's interest in writing began with an animated TV project and has since evolved into all forms of prose, the first of which he puts on display with the short story format in MindGap.

Ben's literary inspirations span from horror legend Stephen King to the eccentric Charlie Kaufman, and is currently working on his second short story before taking on a full length novel.

JD Slajchert wrote his debut novel, MoonFlower, during his final two years as a student-athlete at the University of California, Santa Barbara. When tragedy struck and he lost his biggest fan Luc Bodden to Sickle Cell Disease, he knew he needed to preserve Luc's spirit and honor his memory by writing his first book.

Since then, JD has stepped fully into the world of fiction writing with his first entirely original short story Joining the Choir Invisible, and his second novel "Darling, You're Not Alone" set to release November 3rd, 2022.

JD credits his writing inspiration to many authors of the lauded Lost Generation, and has aspirations of one day living in Paris himself.

by Spencer Daniels

Jet lag induced insomnia sends self-conscious 

scribbler Theodore Judah to a convenience store in the middle of the night. Lost in the clouds of delusion and mania, he encounters a four legged mentor who implores him to examine success, failure, love and death.

In his literary debut, Spencer Daniels employs an absurd existentialism to ask earnest questions.

Spencer Daniels is an actor, writer born in Los Angeles, California in 1992. He has since lived in Korea, Mexico, and Switzerland. After appearing in film and television for nearly twenty years in projects such as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The Office, Mom, and Wolves at the Door, he began writing his first work of fiction. "The Constantine Fable” started to take form after he was involved in the production of Kim Byung-woo’s Take Point in the winter of 2018.


Daniels' first foray into literary fiction is rooted in magical realism and existential fiction, inspired by the works of Roberto Bolaño, Sally Rooney, and Albert Camus. He is currently working on his first novel.

Learn more about Spencer in this interview with JD Slajchert

The Constantine Fable


Spencer Daniels

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